Creations of a Cricut Rookie

I consider myself a Cricut Rookie, but I am going to add my creations as I go.  Hopefully, it will give someone out there some inspiration, which I have gotten a lot of from other people's blogs.  You will find that a lot of my cards and projects use either the Paper Doll Dress Up or Everyday Paper Dolls Cricut cartridges.  This is for several reasons.  First, as a mom of three, I rarely have a chance to create something without my "helpers," so I usually let them convince me the cards I make need paper dolls.  Second, since I made so many dolls for my girls to play with, I am completely comfortable with this cartridge.  As a result, I haven't taken the time to get out of my comfort zone!  Finally, I am usually making cards for my kids to send out.  I can never go to a card store and find a card I think is meaningful coming from a child.  They are either too mature or actually have no substance.  So by making cards, I can have my kids narrate to me (they are all 5 and under) what they would say and I write it in.  Plus they get to choose the colors and designs they like, which make the cards a little more personal.  Here's a few of things I have created so far.  Hopefully, now with my son in kindergarten and just the two girls home I can get a few more projects done.  Enjoy!