Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thank You Cards from My Daughter

With my daughter's fourth birthday coming up, today's project was to create some blank thank you cards for Hayley to send out after her birthday party.

To make the cards, we used my Cricut machine, the Alphalicious cartridge and the Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge.

One of the best purchases I have ever made is my Cricut machine. I just love it. When I first purchased it, my goal was simply to have the best looking scrapbooks out there. Well, it has been used for so much more than that. I've used it to create a Countdown to Disney chart to help my kids track the days until our last trip to Walt Disney World. As a long term sub in a fourth grade classroom last fall, I used it to create all my bulletin boards, as well as projects for the students. I created DVD case covers for numerous video montages I have created for my family. I could keep going, but this machine has been invaluable and used for much more than just scrapbooking.

My collection of Cricut cartridges is limited, but the Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge is by far my favorite. Of course, as the name implies, you can make paper dolls, but that is not all it can be used for. Each "doll" is themed and the cartridge gives you an outfit for the theme and then accessories to match the theme. For example, the "Party" doll had the option of cutting a party dress, hair bow, teapot and teacups, ice cream cones, balloons, burger and fries. There is also a selection of animals, pets, borders and vehicles. I've used the accessories more than the dolls to decorate scrapbooking pages, cards and little things around the house. I am so happy with the versatility of this cartridge.

My daughter and I used the Cricut machine and the Cricut cartridge "Everyday Paper Dolls" to create her thank you cards. We created several dolls and Hayley chose the colors, clothes and accessories for each of the cards. It is a great project for her and I to do together. She is a very creative three year old, so being able to select designs and colors is just what she loves to do! The hardest part of the project was telling her we had made enough paper dolls. I think she could have made hundreds of them! After creating all the dolls, we then selected colors for the cards. My card making skills are pretty basic at this point, since I am new at it, but Hayley loved them, so to me, that means they were perfect! :-)

The picture posted shows four of the eight cards we made today ~ enjoy!

Want more information on the cartridges I used? Check out these links:
Everyday Paper Dolls

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