Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cricut's Best of Pixar Cartridge ~ Nemo

I am so excited that I finally have purchased the Best of Pixar cartridge!  I had a little time to test it out yesterday.  This cartridge includes images from five Disney-Pixar movies - Finding Nemo, A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles, and Wall-E.  Since there are so many images on here, I decided I will review each movie over the next week or so. 

Finding Nemo is a personal favorite of mine.  This was the main reason I purchased this cartridge.  Not only are the characters great for all types of projects, but they will work perfectly for all my scrapbook pages for The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World.  The characters include Nemo, Marlin, Dory, Nemo's school friends, Crush, Squirt, Bruce and Nemo's friends from the fish tank in the dentist's office.  In addition to the characters, there is an icon for each.  These include anything from the logo for the movie title, to jellyfish, to Bruce's shark buddies.  I love the icons because not only will they be great embellishments for Nemo themed projects, but also any ocean themed projects I might create.

We made a Dory (Emily's favorite) and a Nemo.  Normally, I find the Disney cartridges to sometimes be a little tricky to cut and put together, but that is simply because of the tremendous detail to each character.  If you read my review of the princess cartridge, you know that I find those to be most difficult to use.  But making the Nemo characters was actually quite simple.  For the Nemo I created for this card, I only needed four colors and four cuts. Dory required six colors, but was still easy to assemble.  So far I really like this cartridge!

Directions for the Nemo card:
A4 card - White
4x5.25 blue cardstock
Cuttlebug machine
Cuttlebug embossing folder - Seeing Spots
White Stickles
Black, orange, white and pink paper
Pop Up glue dots

1. Cut Nemo out at 4" and assemble
2. Emboss the blue cardstock with the Seeing Spots embossing folder
3. Adhere the blue cardstock onto the front of the card
4. Attach Nemo to front of card with pop up dots
5. Apply Stickles on random dots to look like bubbles

This was a very simple card to create and even my three year old, Emily, helped put it all together.  I would have posted a picture of the Dory we made, but Emily has let me know that Dory is busy "playing" with her other toys.  It sounds very similar to what happened to the Jasmine I made, if you read my post Cricut Cartridge Review ~ Dreams Come True

The next section of this cartridge I will be checking out is the Bug's Life characters.  Check back soon to see what I think about that!

Don't forget, if you are looking for a little Disney inspiration while working on your Disney projects, you can use the Live 365 player to the right to listen to my favorite Disney radio station - Sorcerer Radio.


  1. such a cute card! I had the same problem with the Princess cartridge. You should try the Winnie the Pooh Cartridges. I've made a few Eeyores (my favorite) and they've turned out great, not many itsy bitsy pieces

  2. I digiscrap so no Cricut for me! I'm still tempted by the coolness though. ;)

  3. Jodi - I love the Pooh and friends cartridge! Do you have the Pooh font cartridge? That is one I am thinking of getting, but not sure. The princess cartridges and the Cars cartridge drive me crazy (and they are my kids' favorite characters!) becaue they are so detailed.

    Kimberly, I love my Cricut! I have used it for so many things - wall decor for Joey's room, school projects for Joey and some preschool things I do here at home with the girls, as well as scrapbooking and card making. I bought all the things to use it for glass etching too. That is my next project! I even saw on You Tube, how to make images to put on t-shirts. Maybe I will have to make all my kids' Disney t-shirts for my next trip! :-)

  4. Jenn - They are so fun! If you do get one, use ebay to buy cartridges. I have been able to get several between 12 and 22 dollars. They don't even go on sale for that cheap at the craft stores!