Friday, January 28, 2011

Move Over Photoshop, Make Room for Cricut!

My Cricut has come in handy yet again!  After many frustrating hours of trying to create a logo for my Disney blog, Pursuing the Magic, on photoshop, I decided it was time to turn to my Cricut.  What I ended up creating was just about exactly what I was looking for. 

Since the base paper I was going to use was a 12x12 sheet of patterned paper, I decided I would use that as my logo size.  I didn't see any need in cutting it.  I adjusted the size once I scanned it into my computer.  I then used my Storybook cartridge to create the blue frame.  To get this to just the right height, I used the "Fit to Length" feature (you can see my post Cricut's Fit to Length Feature & Toy Story Green Alien Glasses for more information on this feature).   As you can tell, I went to my most favorite cartridge again, Everyday Paper Dolls, to create my three kids.  I didn't plan to include that part in my logo, but how could I talk about pursuing Disney magic and not have that directly related to my kids?  My son did inform me after I was done that I forgot to make Emily's bear, which is never out of her hands and even has made the last two trips to Disney with us.  That  may need to be a later addition.  For the title, I used the Mickey Font cartridge, which I am finding to be one of my favorite font cartridges, especially since I have been working on my son's first year scrapbook.  I also used the Mickey Font cartidge for the Mickey Ears on my Joey paper doll and the Mickey Ears Icon on the "P" in pursuing. 

This came out much better than any attempts on Photoshop, though I am sure that is simply due to my photoshop skills, not the program itself!

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