Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On Our Way to Meet Buzz Scrapbook Layout

2006 was my son, Joey's, first trip to Walt Disney World.  He was just 14 months at the time and about the best little boy you could ask for.  He rarely cried, loved to play, loved to cuddle and his favorite thing at the time was Toy Story.  If he could have talked, he would have told you that Buzz Lightyear was by far his favorite character of any story or movie.  Just the mention of the word Buzz and he would be beaming ear to ear.  So, for this particular scrapbook page I could have called it something like "Joey's 1st Ride on a Disney Bus" or "On Our Way to MGM Studios."  But when I see this picture of him sitting on a Disney bus seat with this big smile, I recall every second of that moment.  The bus was still parked at the bus depot at Port Orleans Riverside, of course, or he would have been in someone's lap.  As we waited for others to board, I asked Joey, "Are you excited to go meet Buzz Lightyear?"  I clicked a picture and here it is - smiling ear to ear!

When I scrapbook, I cannot put a picture to paper that I didn't take myself.  I find scrapbooking a way to display the emotions of the day or those special moments that for whatever reason you remember every small detail of what happened.  This is one of those pictures.  Most people would probably look at it and think a little boy with a big smile.  I see a little boy anticipating his first trip to infinity and beyond to meet someone he loved . . . . Buzz Lightyear.  Of course, the other picture is of Joey and his other buddy, Grampa!

Next week I will share my two page layout of Buzz and Joey's meeting, which was so wonderful, I can't put  it into words!  You'll have to see next week's layout to see just how special it was!  I will give you one hint, Buzz LOVED the sweatshirt Joey was wearing, and I think Woody was just a tad jealous!  :-)

By the way, this is a 12x12 sheet of paper with Mickey hands and stars in the background.  The borders with the character faces were cut from a 12x12 sheet of paper, which includes 12 rows just like this.  The embellishments I found at Michael's on the clearance rack (hard to believe I can ever find Disney things in the clearance section, so this was an exciting find!).  I do have the Toy Story Cricut cartridge, but I find it is difficult to recreate the characters at such a small size, so the purchased embellishments worked perfectly.

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