Friday, January 7, 2011

Disney Scrapbook Layout ~ On Our Way

I'm very excited to say that we are in week two of my New Year's Resolution of creating one Disney scrapbook layout every week and I am keeping up! Ok, so pretty easy to keep up just two weeks in, we'll see what I am doing around week 6!  If you missed my first one, I posted my Port Orleans Riverside 2-page layout.  It is one of my simplest layouts, but it does my pictures justice.

For this week, the page I created is from pictures we took before leaving for the airport.  I remember that day because it was -8 degrees that morning and freezing.  My parents had driven down from New Hampshire to our home in Massachusetts.  We were flying out of Logan and all driving in together.  New Hampshire had a tremendous winter storm just days before and my parents had been out of electricity for almost three days.  They were on the verge of canceling the trip because with the frigid temperatures at that time, they couldn't leave their house without heat and not knowing when the electricity would come back on.  Luckily, late afternoon the day before we were to leave, their electricity came back on.  Disney magic already at work!  My husband and I were very relieved because this was Joey's first trip to WDW and we would hate for them to miss it.  Plus, my brother and sister in law were already in Disney waiting for us to arrive. 

The paper I used for this project is 12x12 with Mickey Ear balloons all over it.  I love this paper and have actually used it for many layouts in my Disney scrapbooks.  The "On Our Way" sign is made with just a set of letters that I was given.  I then cut out around them.  The other embellishments are all things I have collected over the years. 

Here's the full 2-page layout.  Again, it is another simple layout.  We'll see what I can challenge myself with next week!


  1. Thank you! Hard to believe these pictures are from 5 years ago (I'm very behind!)! My little Joey is growing up much too fast. By the way, I love your blog. I am somewhat new to all this and I get a lot of inspiration from your projects!