Thursday, December 16, 2010

Have You Met Hallmark's Snowman Band?

Hallmark is one of my favorite places to shop during the holidays. They have some very unique gifts, as well as a great collection of Disney ornaments (you can read about my Disney ornament collection on my Disney blog ~ A Disney Mom's Love of Disney ~ it was actually the theme of my Magical Blogorail post this month). Normally every year they offer some holiday set of ornaments or decor that requires you to make a purchase and they release one piece of the set every few weeks or so. I normally do not participate in these for the simple fact that in the end, you pay quite a bit of money for just a few items. But this year I could not resist. The Wireless Snowman Band caught my eye right away.

When I first saw them, only Keyboard Ken was available, though the entire band was set up and playing in the store. Each snowman was $24.95, which honestly I would never pay, but with any purchase, he was only $12.95. My kids were with me and they loved it. As soon as the Hallmark woman showed it to them, they were literally beaming ear to ear. How could I not purchase it? With the ornaments I already planned to purchase, we brought Ken home. Well, as cute as he was, he really needed a band mate. I figured I would pick up just one more in November when I went to purchase the rest of my ornaments with my next rewards check.

After purchasing our second snowman, Saxophone Joe, our little snowman band was looking better. But of course, now with two of them, I thought how cute they would be with all four. So, I gave in, purchased Guitar Freddy and Trumpet Tom when they were available, and now we have all four members of the band. Seeing my kids dance and sing when the band starts playing makes me realize they were worth every penny. If I didn't have $24 in rewards checks, I am not sure I would have purchased all four, but I am certainly glad we have them.

The Wireless Snowman Band is pretty unique. Each snowman plays two Christmas songs, so the band as a whole plays eight songs. Once one snowman begins playing his song, the other three join in. Two sway side to side, while two sway front to back. Even better, once they are synced, they can be placed up to 25 feet apart and will still play. If you are not sure if this is something for you, check out my video below. I recorded all 8 songs of the Snowman Band's Holiday Tour.

Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

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