Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Joey's Cars Room is FINALLY Complete

So you may remember from my previous post Joey's Disney-Pixar Cars Room, we gave Joey's room a complete makeover and gave it a Cars theme - his favorite of all Disney movies, toys, music, clothes, etc.  He is absolutely Cars obsessed.  But as mentioned in that previous post, his room still did not have a valance.  My mom though has come to the rescue, again!  We finally found the checkered flag material I had wanted and my mom created the valance for us. 

Joey was pretty funny when I put it up though.  He let me know that since the race flag was near the window, I should have put Chick Hicks, The King and Lightning McQueen over the window instead of DJ, Boost, Wingo and Snotrod.  I guess that just may have to be my next project!

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