Friday, July 23, 2010

The Picture Says It All

Ok, so my three kids are pretty well behaved. We can take them anywhere ~ restaurants, shopping, theme parks, etc. I use the system of time outs when I need a consequence for a behavior, so when I walked into my daughter's room and saw this (see picture), I was more than shocked. Needless to say, my project of the day is teaching my 3 year old, Hayley, how to clean crayons off the wall. I know that this blog is about projects or things I enjoy doing for myself, but I am pretty sure cleaning this up will take up any extra time I thought I may have had to get something done.

The most shocking part about this is that Hayley loves to draw and paint. She uses makers, paints and crayons everyday and knows how to use them. When I asked her why she drew on the wall, her response was, "Mommy, I couldn't find my paper." Apparently, when I have given her all the talks about not painting on herself or writing on herself with markers, I failed to make it clear that she could not write on the walls, though she is smart enough to know she shouldn't.

By the way, any suggestions for cleaning materials that will clean crayons off paint without removing paint that is also safe for my daughter to use would be greatly appreciated!

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