Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wii Fit for Mom and the Kids

My husband thought last fall investing in Wii was a great idea. I wasn't so sold on it, especially, when for our anniversary he decided to give me Wii Fit Plus for a gift. Hmmm . . . was he trying to tell me something? Maybe it was all the times I mentioned I needed to lose my "baby" weight, and let me just mention that my "baby" is now 2. I was quite skeptical at first about just how effective this would be. It was still a video game in my mind and I really wasn't sure it was worth the money. Besides, when would I ever have time to workout with it? There would be no way I could use this thing without the kids wanting to participate too.

For those of you who have not tried Wii Fit Plus, let me just say they proportion your Mii (that's what your Wii character is called) to you. Once you stand on the balance board, it weighs you, which was surprisingly VERY accurate, gives you your BMI and then adjusts the shape to your Mii. Well, the first time I tried it, though I have a few extra pounds, I was in the healthy range and my Mii stayed pretty much as is. Just to see what would happen with my husband, who has a "few" extra pounds, I made him try it (yes, made him). Well, I never laughed so hard as when that little Mii just ballooned up. My husband did not find it so funny, but he got over it.

The first few times I used Wii Fit, it was after the kids went to bed, so I could actually concentrate. I mostly just played the games, such as Snowball Fight, Table Tilt, etc. These were fun but doing just the games, I really didn't see any significant change in my weight loss or fitness level. Then I discovered the Aerobics section of the program. There are running activities, Rhythm boxing, step aerobics and hula hoop. I figured Hula Hoop would be the easiest, so while feeling very confident, I chose Super Hula Hoop. Let's just say, to my surprise, it was a workout! Then I started exploring the Yoga and Strength Training sections. These have some great exercises too.

I got to a point that I wanted to start working out during the day. At night, I was really too tired and after the kids go to bed, it was the time for my husband and I to have time together to relax. Well, the first few times with the kids, ages 5, 3 and 2 at the time, was not fun and I certainly did not get much of a workout in. The kids would try to get on the balance board with me, or someone would have to use the potty, if you have kids, you know the story. It became so frustrating that I knew I had to come up with something. As you will see a very simple thing turned into my Wii Workout Saver!

By chance my parents had come over one night and Joey asked them if they wanted to play Wii Bowling. My mom said yes and Joey decided she couldn't play until there was a Mii set up for her. Well, the next day, Joey asked if he could make a Grampa Mii, which led to making a Mii for just about every family member we have. First let me say, this process was hysterical because the kids worked together and made everyone very "accurate"! It was interesting to see how they view each of our family members. My sister in law Kelly made out the best ~ she is the tallest and thinnest of all the Miis. The kids loved this process so much, that now anyone who comes over is automatically inducted into our Mii family. When my newest nephew was born, he was added that day. Who knew that this would become the best thing for my Wii workouts!

One morning I decided I was working out and the kids would have to occupy themselves for 30 minutes. As I started the Snowball Fight activity, I, as well as the kids, started noticing all the Miis they created were the ones I was throwing snow balls at. The kids started to see which family members were in the game and which ones I would get first with a snowball. They were all especially excited when their own Mii popped on the screen. When I did step aerobics, I was surrounded by family members, to which on one occasion Joey said, "Uncle Jeff is really good at this!" Of course, it was just the Uncle Jeff Mii, but I was fine with that. Let's just say I can now get in full Wii workouts because the kids spend the entire time looking for family members, who I am riding by on the bike, who I am hitting with snowballs, or who are throwing balls in the air for my Mii to juggle. It is amazing how this one simple little thing has allowed me to get in a 30 minute workout every day I want!

By the way, this has only backfired once. During a round of the snowball fight game, I "hit" my infant nephew's Mii character with a snowball and my son let me know that it isn't nice to hit babies with snowballs!

Another little note, I didn't think anyone would want to see a picture of me working out, I know I don't, so the photo above is of my three kids and me.

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  1. By the way, I thought Super Hula Hoop was a workout at 3 minutes (1.5 minutes in each direction), but I just realized that I can also do 6 minutes or 10 minutes. Yikes! I don't think I would make that!