Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dressing Up is Now Easy to Do

Both my girls love to dress up in their princess dresses, jewelry, hats and shoes.  Unfortunately, we had collected so many things over the years, that our dress up bucket was overflowing.  The girls could never find what they were looking for, or if they did find something, half the contents of the tote fell out onto the floor as they were trying to pull it out to wear it.  Finally after about 3 days of having our computer room floor covered with fairy wings, dresses and countless plastic necklaces, I had enough.  The girls and I made out way to WalMart yesterday and made some purchases to better organize our dress up area. 

Our first purchase was a very cheap shower curtain rod.  I found one that would fit the space between our computer cabinet and the wall.  Then, we purchased hangers to hang up all the dresses.  The girls opted for one set of white and one set of pink.  Once we got home, I went to work and here is what our dress up area looks like now:

I am so excited about how much better this looks, I may even look for a super cheap shoe rack too for the 15+ pairs of princess shoes we have!  Other than that the big question now is - to hang up the fairy wings or not?  We have about 8 pairs of those too!


  1. Thank you and all for under $10! :-) I either had to organize or thin out our collection. Luckily, the things in this picture are used everyday, so spending a little money to get them organized was well worth it!

  2. I wish I had all those dresses and costumes to dress up in when I was younger! Very cute! & I love your blog! You should check out mine at :) I just started it! Hope you enjoy!

  3. I never had this many dresses when I was little either! Luckily, my mom and I are bargain shoppers, so we have collected several without breaking the bank! I will definitely be stopping by your blog - thanks for sharing you link!