Monday, February 21, 2011

Cricut Deals on eBay

With my most recent "deal" found on eBay, I decided this would make a great entry for my blog.  I had never been on eBay in my life.  One of my friends mentioned she had gotten some great deals on Cricut cartridges through eBay.  Around here, the only craft store within 30 minutes is a Joann Fabrics.  It is so small though, they do not carry Cricut cartridges.  You have to order them.  This isn't great for someone who is looking to pick up a cartridge that day, but it does make me really consider the ones I am going to purchase - no impulse buys!  Other than that, the next store that sells Cricut cartridges is over 45 minutes away, and I rarely make it down there since my daughter has severe car sickness.

One night I decided to hop on eBay and check it out.  Let's just say I am not sure it was a good thing or not.  I won't say I became addicted, but who can resist cartridges for $12, $15 or even $20?  Not me.  My collection of four cartridges is not at 20.  Now don't get me wrong.  These purchases have been made over months, not in one sitting and many of them were gifts.  My most recent purchase was the new Cricut Cartridge Best of Pixar.  Now you may notice I am a huge Disney fan, so getting my hands on this one at a decent price is very exciting.  Even better, I purchased it for $22 with free shipping.  There is not one store around here that could give me such a great deal.  Now I just need to find a good deal on the Cricut Disney Classics cartridge and I will be quite satisfied!

For those of you skeptical about using eBay for Cricut purchases, here's a list of my best deals so far:
Christmas Cheer (retired) $21.50
Disney's Tinkerbell and Friends $12.00
Disney's Pooh and Friends $12.50
Doodlecharms $14.00
Sweet Treats $13.25

I have a few other deals I have gotten, but I have yet to pay more than $22 for a cartridge.  But beware that you can easily find yourself being sucked into the process.  Set a budget, know exactly what you are looking for and start bidding.  If it wasn't for these great deals, I never would have the opportunity to increase my collection at the rate that I have. 

Where do you find your best deals on Cricut cartridges?

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