Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thank you, Papercraft Star!

As those of you may know from previous posts, I am fairly new to papercrafting and using my Cricut.  I've had the materials for a while, but with three kids born in three years, my time to actually work on my skills has been limited.  Of course, now my oldest is 5 and my youngest is just about three, I find I can make a little more time each week to attempt a new paper project.  In order to motivate myself and build my confidence in my projects a little, I started entering my projects in different websites challenges.  For someone  like me, I love that these challenge winners are randomly chosen, so as long as I am brave enough to submit something, I can enter.   Well, this October, I entered a challenge over at Papercraft Star.  I just found out I won the October Grand Prize!  I am so thrilled.  It couldn't have come at a better time, since my children have all been getting over colds here and I had no time to even read any of my favorite craft blogs, nevermind participate!  It was just the lift I needed. 

Plus, what was even better I didn't even know I had won.  One of the followers of Papercraft Star saw the announcement that I had won and had not claimed my prize, so she contacted me personally.  That is one of the things I love about the cardmaking/scrapbooking/craft community, everyone looks out for each other.  That's what makes sharing my stories, projects and ideas so enjoyable!  So thank you, Denise, for contacting me, and thank you, Papercraft Star, for giving me the opportunity to win and share my projects!

If you want to check out my winning entry, here it is:
Entry for Papercraft Star's Challenge #17


  1. Looks great!! I love scrapping, but I never have time and I don't have a cricut (and I prefer buying clothes and shoes for me and the ds to spending my $$ right now).. I didn't realize you have 3 3 years apart. OMG.

  2. I hear you about the money. I just happen to find some great deals on ebay for the Cricut machine and the cartridges, otherwise, there's no way I could afford it.

    My kids are very close in age. My youngest was born ten days before my oldest turned 3. So my claim to fame amongst my friends is that for 10 days I had 3 kids under the age of 3. That year was quite busy - they were all in diapers. Actually, my youngests's first year was just a blur! :-) They will all be in high school at the same time! When Joey is a senior, Hayley will be a junior and Emily a freshman. That will be interesting! :-)