Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hallmark's 2010 Snowman Band Gains a New Member and Continues Their Holiday Tour into 2011

Last year, I purchased Hallmark's Wireless Snowman Band.  This was a great addition to our holiday decor.  If you have not seen the Snowman Band, you can find them, as well as a video of their 2010 Holiday Tour in my post Have You Met Hallmark's Snowman Band?  This year, they have gained another member - Trombone Tony, who has brought along two more songs to add to their playlist ~ Joy to the World and Good King Wenceslas.  We were all very excited to see this series continue.  Hopefully, Hallmark will continue to add members for years to come.  All three kids are waiting for a Snowman Drummer to appear!

We also have discovered something new this year that we did not know from last year.  If you press and hold down a button on one of the snowmen, they will randomly play one song about every two minutes.

Here are the two songs Trombone Tony brings to the band (you can find the rest of the band's playlist in the post I listed above):

What do you think of Hallmark's Snowman Band?  Who would you like to see them add next?

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